Food & Catering, Medical assistance & other onboard facilities by Indian Railways

1. What additional facilities are given free of cost to AC Coach passengers? AC coach passengers are given a set of bed roll completely free of cost. However, passenger in Garib Rath can avail this facility by paying Rs 25/- per bed roll set. 2. Do all the trains in Indian railways are well-equipped with catering facility? Yes, almost all … Continue reading

Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express, Deccan Odyssey: Luxury Tourist Trains by Indian Railways

The vastness, glory and charms of Indian railways is second to none. If we can make plans to travel from northern most part to southern most part of India without thinking twice, it is only because of the second largest railway system in the world, i.e. Indian railways. It beautifully connect the whole of India ranging from metros to the … Continue reading

How to Book a Complete Train (Special Train) for travelling in large groups

If you are travelling in large groups (i.e. really large groups), then you can book special train for your journey. The prerequisite for same is that you must be travelling a distance more than 500 kms and the minimum number of coach booking is 18. Guidelines to book special train: You can either submit an application to Chief Passenger Transportation … Continue reading

Luggage Limits and Booking Rules in Indian Railways

How much luggage am I allowed to carry while travelling through Indian railways? Every passenger in Indian railway is allowed a free luggage allowance that he can carry with him in the compartment. As long as you can carry the luggage in the compartment without causing any sort of discomfort to fellow passengers, you are generally not charged for the … Continue reading

Circular Journey Tickets in Indian Railways

What do you mean by circular journey tickets? If you are undertaking a journey where you have to visit multiple destinations in a short interval, you can avail the facility of booking circular journey tickets. Which means you can book a single ticket for your end-to-end journey (where start and end destination are same) What are its benefits? A circular … Continue reading

Can I Upgrade my Ticket to a higher class enroute?

Your reserved ticket for a lower class can be upgraded to a higher class for the same train and date, subject to availability of accommodation. The upgrading of accommodation can be done only once on collection of fresh reservation charges and the fare difference. This can also be done during the journey by approaching the Travelling Ticket Examiner.

Can I Change the Boarding Station?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is submit a written request to the Station Manager of the original boarding station or contact any Computerized Reservation Center, at least 24 hours before the departure of the train. However, no refund is permissible for the unused portion of the journey. The change of station once made will be final i.e. … Continue reading

Can I extend my Journey beyond the Original Destination?

Yes, Indian Railways allow extension of journey. This can be done by approaching the ticket checking staff either before reaching your destination or after completion of booked journey. The fare for the extended portion of the journey will be collected without the benefit of telescopic rates.    

Can I break my Journey at any Intermediate Station?

If you hold a journey ticket for more than 500 kms, you can break your journey once for two days at any station en-route. This facility can be availed only after travelling 500 kms from the starting station. If your ticket is for more than 1000 kms, you will be allowed to break your journey twice. The day of arrival and … Continue reading

How to Transfer Confirmed Ticket to Somebody else?

If you are holding a confirmed ticket and are unable to travel, your ticket can be transferred to your family members viz, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. To transfer your ticket, you must submit your request at least 24 hours in advance.