How to Book a Complete Train (Special Train) for travelling in large groups

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If you are travelling in large groups (i.e. really large groups), then you can book special train for your journey. The prerequisite for same is that you must be travelling a distance more than 500 kms and the minimum number of coach booking is 18.

Guidelines to book special train:

You can either submit an application to Chief Passenger Transportation Manager through the Station Manager of the originating station or submit the application form online.

In the application form, you must furnish all the necessary details such as the boarding station, destination, the route you would like to follow and the halts enroute.

You must submit the application at least 30 days prior to your travel date but not more than six months advance.

The cost of booking a special train varies and depends upon the distance you need to travel. However, for booking of any special train, you must submit a security deposit of Rs 50,000/- per coach at the station from where you will start your journey.

The total charge of booking a special train include fare, service charge, detention charge, empty haulage charge, service tax in case of First class/AC class coaches. You will need to pay the charges in full at least 48 hours prior to departure of the train.

Refund Policy

In order to get complete refund, you must submit folder and claim for refund within 15 days of completion of your journey. After which the station manager will refund the security deposit or any additional amount if paid.

If you submit the claim after the normal 15 day limit but within 6 months, you can get 50% of the refund after approval from CCM.

While granting refund, the station manager will run a thorough check-up to ensure no property is damaged, no undercharges is pending and the coach/saloon/tourist car has been returned in sound conditions. Proper deductions are made in case of excess detention as well as under-charges if any.

No refund is granted if the folder or the ticket is lost or you are not able to produce it in original.