Circular Journey Tickets in Indian Railways

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What do you mean by circular journey tickets?

If you are undertaking a journey where you have to visit multiple destinations in a short interval, you can avail the facility of booking circular journey tickets. Which means you can book a single ticket for your end-to-end journey (where start and end destination are same)

What are its benefits?

A circular journey ticket provides you unique flexibility, a maximum of 8 intermediate breaks, and telescopic rate (which are way cheaper when compared to a normal point-to-poiny journey fare). It prevents the hassle of booking multiple tickets.

How can I purchase a circular journey ticket?

Once you have your itinerary finalized, you can contact the divisional commercial manager or station  manager of the station from which you are planning to begin your journey.

After going through your travel plan, the divisional commercial manager will calculate the fare based on your itinerary. You have to then meet the station manager with a filled form that contains all the details of your journey. Once you book your ticket, you will then need to visit the reservation office to reserve seats for different lapse of your journey.

What are standard circular journey tickets?

For the convenience of tourists, Indian railways have issued standard circular journey tickets to some popular pilgrimage and tourist destinations. The details of the route, fare, etc can be obtained by contacting the station manager of  any of the nominated station of zonal railway. You can book these tickets if any of the nominated route suits your travel plan.