Food & Catering, Medical assistance & other onboard facilities by Indian Railways

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    1. Food & Catering, Medical assistance & other onboard facilities by Indian Railways
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1. What additional facilities are given free of cost to AC Coach passengers?

AC coach passengers are given a set of bed roll completely free of cost. However, passenger in Garib Rath can avail this facility by paying Rs 25/- per bed roll set.

2. Do all the trains in Indian railways are well-equipped with catering facility?

Yes, almost all the trains in Indian railways are well-equipped with pantry car facilities. If you see a ‘P’ in front of the details of any train that means the train has pantry facilities. Catering can also be arranged for trains that do not have pantry car.

3. How can I call for catering facility onboard if there is no pantry car on my train?

If there is no catering facility on your train, you can contact train conductor/coach/attendant/authorized railway catering staff in order to avail catering facility.

4. What about availability of food in train stations?

Almost every major station has vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms available. In addition to these refreshment rooms, you can also find light snacks and refreshment stalls at different places in the railway station. You can find about the detailed menu and tariff at the refreshment room.

5. What steps can I take to ensure good quality of catering services?

  1. Place the order of your food well in advance to ensure that your food request is sent to the right channels beforehand.
  2. Don’t forget to ask for cash memo for all your orders
  3. Any complaints regarding catering service can be lodged to national toll free number 1800-111-321. Alternatively, you can write your complain in the complain book available with the pantry car manager, train conductor or the books kept in the refreshment rooms.

6. What medical assistance can I expect if I fall ill or injured myself while onboard?

Coach attendants or train superintendents are equipped with first aid boxes as well as are trained to attend passengers for first aid. In case of medical emergencies, you must approach coach attendants or train superintendents who will pass the message to the next station where a doctor will be ready to attend you. You will need to pay applied treatment charges to the doctor. In case of hospitalization, you must discontinue your journey.

7. If I have a journey break or a connecting train, can I keep my luggage in the cloak room?

Yes you can. Cloak rooms are present in all the major stations where you can keep your locked luggage for a maximum period of 1 month on payment of prescribed charges. No unlocked luggage will be accepted in the cloak room.

8. Do I need to pay in order to use waiting room facility?

No! Waiting room facilities are completely free of cost for passengers holding a valid ticket.

9. My connecting train is scheduled to arrive the next day. Is there any transit accommodation available at the stations?

You can use AC and Non AC retiring rooms and dormitories available at important stations if you hold a valid ticket. You will need to pay prescribed charges in order to avail this facility. To know more, contact the ticket conductor or station manager.

10. Whom do you contact if you have complaints?

In case of any complaints, you can record your grievances in the complaints book kept for this purpose at railway agencies, town booking offices, Major Goods Sheds, Parcel Offices, Reservation Offices, Refreshment Rooms, Pantry Cars, etc. Indian railway has a very efficient public grievance system in place and will give prompt response to all your queries.

You may also lodge your complaints online at website or at Indian Railways Website