Luggage Limits and Booking Rules in Indian Railways

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How much luggage am I allowed to carry while travelling through Indian railways?

Every passenger in Indian railway is allowed a free luggage allowance that he can carry with him in the compartment. As long as you can carry the luggage in the compartment without causing any sort of discomfort to fellow passengers, you are generally not charged for the luggage. You are also allowed to carry marginal allowance. Children between 5-12 years of age are allowed half the luggage allowance as compared to an adult passenger.

The free luggage allowance varies according to the different classes of travel. The allowance allowed is as follow

luggage limit in indian railways

In case the weight of luggage exceeds the above mentioned allowance, you must carry that in brake-van which must be booked in advance.

What if my luggage exceeds the free allowance limit?

If your luggage marginally exceeds the free allowance limit, then you will have to pay nominal charges. However, if you have much of excess luggage without information, you might need to pay a penalty. If you have excess luggage, it is advised to book them at the luggage office, pay the applied charges and get your tickets endorsed before you board the train.

Note: You cannot carry vehicles like scooter, cycles or any similar luggage under free allowance. Inflammable items such as gas cylinders, fire crackers etc are also not allowed in the train.

Can I trust railways with my luggage? What compensation am I entitled to if my booked luggage is lost, stolen or damaged?

Indian railways take proper care to ensure that your luggage is safe. However, in case of any mishap, the railway generally pays compensation at the rate of INR 100/ per kg unless you have declared the value of the consignment and paid the prescribed percentage charge. If you have done the later, you will be entitled to get the amount equal to the value of consignment. The procedure of payment of percentage charge can be discussed while booking the luggage at the Luggage Booking Office.

What if the luggage I am carrying is lost or stolen en-route?

In case of theft or robbery of luggage in a moving train, you can approach the coach attendant, ticket checker or GRP escorts and inform them about the theft. They will give you an FIR form which you can fill and give back to them. The details of your luggage and journey are then forwarded to the nearest police station where necessary action will be taken immediately. You can lodge the complaint while still being in the train without breaking your journey.