Rules & Regulations

Luggage Limits and Booking Rules in Indian Railways

How much luggage am I allowed to carry while travelling through Indian railways? Every passenger in Indian railway is allowed a free luggage allowance that he can carry with him in the compartment. As long as you can carry the luggage in the compartment without causing any sort of discomfort to fellow passengers, you are generally not charged for the … Continue reading

Berth Upgradation Scheme in Indian Railways

If accommodation is available in a given train at the time of preparation of chart, then a full-fare paying passenger can be upgraded to higher class without paying any additional charge. This facility is available in almost all the trains of Indian railways. At the time of booking the ticket, the passengers are required to check the box for being … Continue reading

Tatkal Booking Scheme for Indian Railways

Indian railways is a crowded place and more often than not, it is almost impossible to get a train reservation at short notice. Keeping this in mind, Indian railways have introduced tatkal Reservation system in December 1997. Since then several modifications have been made from time to time to make the scheme more beneficial for travelers across the country. The salient features of … Continue reading