IRCTC Cancels all Train Services in India Due to Covid-19 Rise

IRCTC Cancels all Train services in India due to Covid-19 rise

The surge in Covid-19 pandemic has affected every business sector, including the transport business. Most governments are closing down means of travel and requesting or compelling people to stay at home. In India, the train business was cancelled due to the number of infections happening. This will help reduce congestion and increase the number of Covid-19 victims.

With a press release circulating about the continuation of measures to curb Covid-19. The government and IRCTC have opted to close all train services.This includes the: premium train, suburban trains, mail and express trains, passenger trains, Kolkata metro rail, Konkan railway, and more. The cancellation is expected to extend until June 2020 as the country is under lockdown.

However, the goods trains will continue working to ensure food and basic equipment supply in the country. The IRCTC will not charge passengers any cancellation fee but offers a full refund to all passengers.  The railway department will arrange a refund process to ensure everyone gets their respective amount. Passengers who booked for March 21 to April 15 can also request refunds.

The Indian Railways have confirmed cases on Coronavirus for passengers in the trains, thus risking the train business. This calls for the cancellation to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to other passengers. A report confirmed 12 people were infected in the train between March 13th and 16th, 2020.


  • Can I cancel my ticket since the trained is suspended?

The Indian Railways is accountable for any cancellation process. The IRCTC will give a full refund, and no cancellation charges will be requested from the passengers. Since it’s a nationwide suspension, the IRCTC will automatically process the refunds and cancellation. This means passengers don’t have to cancel their tickets. Note beware of any fraudsters calling to ask for credentials so they can refund the ticket amount. The IRCTC will process without asking for any personal detail.

  • How much amount will the IRCTC refund after cancelation based on cancellation rules?

The Indian Railways have cancellation rules and regulations which apply whenever a passenger cancels their ticket. However, the IRCTC has canceled the trains and will provide a full refund due to the nationwide pandemic. Passengers are advised not to cancel their tickets since IRCTC will cancel the tickets automatically.

  • Where will the IRCTC credit my refund for canceled train tickets?

The Indian Railways will automatically suspend the tickets and send back the amount to passenger’s accounts.  The account which was used to pay for the ticket will be used to receive the refund. No TDR shall be filled since it’s an automatic process.

  • How long will the refund process take?

The IRCTC will take 3 to 7 working days to refund all eligible passengers affected by the train travelcancellation.

  • How can passengers check the cancellation status?

Once the train services are suspended, the IRCTC will send official SMS to all passengers affected by the cancellation.  One can log in to the IRCTC website and proceed to “my accounts >my transactions>ticket cancellation history.  Here you will check the status of your ticket.

  • The IRCTC canceled trains until 30th June 2020, I canceled my ticket, but I didn’t get a full refund?

The IRCTC requests e-tickets passengers not to cancel the tickets. The process will automatically cancel, and a refund will be credited. Also, passengers should be a wait as the full refund will be given in a few days.Passengers will half refund should also give the Indian Railways time to complete the refund.

  • My refund status shows refunded by the bank account doesn’t show any amount credited?

Once the IRCTC sends the refund, the amount will show a reference number next to the refund details. Note down the bank reference number and visit the bank branch for the officials to help from their end.

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